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Flutter and Apple Watch

We have started experimenting and playing around with adding a Watch Kit app to a Flutter build. We now have this working, but it gets a bit complicated because the Flutter tooling will not allow an iOS app to be run or built when it contains a Watch Kit target (well not yet anyway). From …

Device Form Factor Detection

The latest demo project is an attempt to create a Flutter widget that can be used to determine and alter the display of an app depending whether is is running on phone or tablet.  It allows the setting of a value for the diagonal screen size (applicable to Android only)  to set where the change …

Android Display Metrics

I have been looking at trying to determine the form factor of Android devices via their physical screen size and found a lot of articles on doing various types of calculation using pixel count and DPI, the issue with Flutter, at least from my internet searches and queries, was the value was not available.  So …

VerticalDrag Container

Was trying to create a container that could be dragged up and down to show hide it’s contents, primarily for use to show some settings and info for the main screen. This is what I came up with.  The project can be found on Github here.

SliverImage Widget

The repo for the SliverImage demo shows a way of adding an image to the top of a ScrollView in Flutter that will collapse as the list is scrolled up.  This has been created as a separate widget so that it can be used and embedded easily in various projects.

Flutter SWAPI

We have put up a complete Flutter app on Github that is a demo of accessing a third party REST API and converting and using the resulting JSON to build various lists.