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PolyLingual is a new Flutter package that provides internationalisation (multi-language) capabilities for a Flutter app. It does this using a simple JSON file that is embedded into the app. This JSON file can then be updated as required without needing an app rebuild. This is useful for correcting string errors, updating messages or even adding …

Flutter Device Locale

This is a follow up project created for the Watch Tips app demo that was created and released into the app store. Basically the app displays a generic currency value and formats it in a ‘UK’ standardised way with no currency symbol. This was OK, but if the device is used elsewhere then the currency …

Flutter and Apple Watch

We have started experimenting and playing around with adding a Watch Kit app to a Flutter build. We now have this working, but it gets a bit complicated because the Flutter tooling will not allow an iOS app to be run or built when it contains a Watch Kit target (well not yet anyway). From …

Oscilloscope Package

We now have another published Flutter package called Oscilloscope  that can be used to display a moving trace of data input values.  Originally part of a development project, the display has been split out into a separate component as it may be useful for others.